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Never undervalue the importance of a to-do list. There are many last minute ideas that will pop into your head from cleaning out the shed to closing the bank account and you don’t want to forget them. Don’t risk the headache later! Keep a list and that way you can be sure it will get done.

Start early! It’s never too early to start packing. There are things you would never part with but don’t use on a daily basis and all of them can be carefully tucked away weeks in advance. The earlier you start, the less concerned you’ll be as the big day inches closer about whether or not you have enough boxes and how you’ll ever get it all done in time.

Invest in good materials. While sometimes any old box will do, glassware, picture frames, lamps and more can all create a packing disaster if not handled correctly. Swing by a moving store and take a look around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and you’ll be so glad you did when your items arrive at their new destination safely.
Pack light. While carrying around years of accumulated mess might seem like the easiest idea at the time, you should always take the time to weed out the garbage and items that can be donated. You’ll save room in boxes and have a much easier time finding places for new things once you arrive. Plus, many unused items can find homes with people around the country who really need them.

Don’t forget your address and utility changes. A change of address is a simple process that will make sure all of your mail finds you in your new location. Utilities are an easy oversight, but make sure you handle them personally so that it is done right. If you’re just moving across town, you might consider leaving them on an extra few days so you’ll have a chance to clean with the benefit of water and heating or cooling.

Keep important documents separate. Pack a box with all of your important documents and keep it handy. Include birth certificates, bank statements, your marriage license, passports, important phone numbers, and insurance cards. Keep this box with you in your car so you always know it will be safe.

Relocating with children: If you have children, you’ll want to have a separate box or bag just for them. Birth certificates, medications, immunization records, and medical records as well as some of their favorite snacks and toys will ensure that not only are they safe for the trip, but happy with enough to eat and do for the journey.

The “What-If” Box: Moving is stressful enough without walking into your new place with a full bladder only to realize you don’t remember where you packed the toilet paper. Keep this and other items handy in case of emergencies. Good ideas include bottled water, snacks, screw driver, and flashlight.

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